Motif Replacement Parts & Pieces

Motif Replacement Parts & Pieces


Parts & Pieces

16mm Luna Breast Shield, 19mm Luna Breast Shield, 21mm Luna Breast Shield, 24mm Luna Breast Shield, 28mm Luna Breast Shield, Luna Power Adapter, Luna Containers, Luna Tubing, Luna Bottle Adapter, Luna Car Charger, Luna Valves, Luna Diaphragm, 19mm Duo Breast Shield, 21mm Duo Breast Shield, 24mm Duo Breast Shield, 27mm Duo Breast Shield, 15mm Aura Inserts, 17mm Aura Inserts, 19mm Aura Inserts, Duo Power Adapter, Duo Tubing, Duo Tubing Connectors, Duo Valve, Duo Valves (Set of 2), Duo Breast Shield Connectors, Duo Diaphragm, Duo Containers

Replace integral breast pump parts regularly. As you use your breast pump the hard-working components can become worn out, stretched, and frayed. After 90 days it’s recommended to change out all the breast pump parts which come into contact with milk, as well as the tubing.

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