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*Appointments are accepted  to follow Covid-19 Guidelines for your best shopping experience. If any changes are made, we will post on The Care Connection website and social media to let everyone know.   (Click to follow:  Facebook  AND  Instagram)

  • Based upon everyone’s personal comfort levels, we are offering to handle everything over the phone so you do not need to come into the store. We will be available to bring your breast pump out to your vehicle.
  • Additionally, we have had successful virtual learning (Preparing to Breastfeed Your Newborn (Part 1), Breastfeeding Beyond the Newborn Period (Part 2), & Happy Baby classes) as well as virtual Lactation appointments with our IBCLC registered nurses! Call us to schedule yours! 716.725.6370
  • In Person Infant CPR classes are back! Small by design in order to provide personal attention. Learn More >> 
  • In Person classes are also back for Preparing to Breastfeed your Newborn and Happy Baby. Please refer to our class calendar page for current dates available for both virtual and in person.
  • We will continue to call our customers with upcoming appointments and classes providing updated information. We want to thank everyone for their patience and support. With our policies in place, we hope to continue to stay open and service all WNY moms in need.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  716.725.6370