Bravado Beaucoup Nursing Bra

Our newest nursing bra really does it all by offering customized comfort solutions for breastfeeding and in-bra pumping

Bravado Beaucoup Nursing Bra


We know a woman’s body can change day to day and month to month, not to mention if you are pregnant, nursing or pumping. Our Beaucoup Nursing Bra is designed to allow you to adjust as you need, to give you that perfect fit any time of the day or night.
Made with Bravado Designs Eco-Adapt™ fabric, this bra has been technically designed to allow for ease in adjustment throughout the day while breastfeeding or in-bra pumping.
Specially Designed For In-bra Pumping

We designed the straps to be longer in length overall, allowing for enough extension to accommodate an in-bra pump comfortably and securely and the ability to criss-cross if desired. Cushioned wider straps help to reduce pressure off shoulders while pumping. Its increased cup capacity allows reduced compression during in-bra pumping while retaining its shape.

Adjustable Straps

We included easy grip sliders in the front, making it smooth and simple to adjust the strap length to find the ideal comfort and fit as your milk supply increases during breastfeeding, or to allow for comfortable in-bra pumping with the right amount of stretch and support.

We added special back sliders that keep the adjusted straps in place once the desired length is achieved.

Plus the trims and fabrication have increased stretch and recovery so you don’t feel restrained as your size fluctuates.


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


Roseclay, Black