Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

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Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow


Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow Super soft, large cut, nursing pillow! Available in a wide selection of colors and patterns!

  • 47 x 15 x 9 inches, Made in USA
  • Helps correctly position baby for breast-feeding so that the mom is more relaxed
  • Fits women of any size comfortably and has no belt or Velcro straps
  • Supports elbows and shoulders while holding baby so parent can relax
  • Excellent maternity sleep pillow supporting tummy and legs
  • Used by lactation consultants in hospitals around the country

The Luna Lullaby's Bosom Baby nursing pillow was designed by a speech-language pathologist with specialized training in feeding issues. This pliable yet plush pillow fits mothers of ALL sizes and supports a baby properly while nursing. Our Unique V-Shaped pillow creates the perfect positioning for mothers to raise baby up to breast level, making the latch-on process easier. The extended shape and size supports elbows and shoulders to help eliminate back discomfort while it makes nursing the relaxing, nurturing bond it is intended to be. When used correctly, The Bosom Baby supports and positions the baby to avoid reflux, ear infections, and choking. A must have!

Pillow Style

Anchors Navy Blue, Army Camo, Black & White Polka Dot, Blue Dot, Blue White Mosaic, Forest Green, Fuchsia Dot, Grey Dot, Grey Spark, Lovely Llamas, Milk Mamma Bottles, Navy Blue, Orange Dot, Pink Dot, Pink Rose, Purple Dot, Sage, Suzani Wheels, Sweet Succulent, Teal Dandelion, White Dot