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How to Prepare for your Lactation Consultation

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At The Care Connection, we see mothers for a lactation consultation for many reasons. Concerns with milk supply, latching, supplementing, nipple pain, and positioning just to name a few.

During your 1 hour one-on-one visit we can address feeding concerns and any questions you may have in a comfortable, private setting. At the end of your visit,  we provide you with a take home plan to best suit your needs.

Below are a few recommendations to help you best prepare for your appointment with one of our lactation consultants.


We recommend scheduling an appointment around a time when the baby normally feeds. Or at the very least try to avoid giving baby a full feed within an hour of your consult.

However, we realize that sometimes this can be difficult, and the baby may not be on any predictable schedule. If the baby is ready and eager to feed when you arrive we will address that first. If not, we will talk first and work on developing a plan, then work on getting baby to the breast.


Please wear something that you are comfortable in (even if this means pajamas!). Nursing tanks, nursing bras, or a shirt that opens down in the front provides easy access for feeding or skin-on-skin with the baby.


If you have been using any tools to assist with feeding your baby like a nipple shield or a bottle, please bring them with you in case they are needed during your visit.

Also, if you have been exclusively pumping or pumping after feedings please bring your pump with you. This way you can empty your breasts after the consult if necessary. It is helpful to see what you have been using to assist with feedings and discuss what may work best for you.


If you are currently giving your baby any supplementation or have been advised by your pediatrician to do so please bring this with you should we need it during our consult.


Please write down any questions you may have and bring to your appointment. This allows us to be sure that we address all of your concerns in a timely manner. Our lactation consultants are also available by phone for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Significant other or support person

As long as you are comfortable, bringing a support person to your consult is fine! Sometimes this person can take down notes for you and may remember things that you forgot when you get home. The more support you have to continue your breastfeeding journey the better!


If you have other children it is best to find someone to care for them during the 1-hour consult. If this is difficult for you, please bring along something quiet for them to do in the room while we are working with you and the baby. Bringing along a snack for them works well too!

Follow up

Depending on the outcome of your visit we may ask that you come back in for a follow-up appointment. This will be scheduled at the end of your visit to best suit your needs.

Please call 716.725.6370 to set up an appointment – review our lactation services here. Many health insurance plans cover lactation consultation. Click here to check your coverage.

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